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Laurel Ridge Elementary

Dekalb County Schools



DCSD provides access to several web-based resources for teachers and students that support teaching and learning.  This link provides access to the current instructional software programs and digital-content currently available for the 2016-17 school year.  Logging into Launchpad will allow access to these resources. Click for further information about the program and logging in.
MAP Testing

MAP is used as the initial assessment towards gifted identification beginning 2016-17 school year for students in grades K-10. The assessment is also administered two additional times during the school year as a progress monitoring tool.
Cognitive Abilities Test

AT is a measure with a focus on reasoning abilities.  CogAT will be administered as an additional assessment in the gifted eligibility process to those students who score equal to or higher than 90% Reading Total or equal to or higher than over 90% Math Total on the MAP.   To learn more about the CogAT, click here.   To learn more about the gifted program visit the DeKalb County site.
Georgia Standards of Excellence

The Georgia Department of Education site offers easy access to information about the state standards.  It also offers a variety of free resources to help you motivate and support your child's curriculum

Student Learning Objectives SLOs  (PreK-5)

Student learning objectives are a state mandated assessment to measure student growth as well as teacher effectiveness.  To learn more about SLOs please visit Georgia Department of Education

PreK-K student learning objectives are embedded in the daily rituals, routines and learning in the classroom.  Teachers record progress using the state required Work Sampling System.  This data also counts as the student's SLO information.  Click here to learn more about the work sampling system. 

 K-3 students take a 10 question multiple choice pre- and post assessment developed by the district in reading and math based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  To learn more about the Standards of Excellence for all content areas please visit Georgia Standards site.  (In K and 1 tests are read aloud to the students.)

4th & 5th  grade do not take SLOs with the exception of band which is a 10 question multiple choice assessment like those in K-3. 
Georgia Milestones  (3-5)

Georgia Milestones is the state required assessment.  It is taken each spring to measure student progress towards mastery of the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  To learn more about the assessment visit Georgia Department of EducationGeorgia Department of Education
Helpful Links:
Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (Kindergarten)

GKIDs is a state required year long performance based assessment were teachers continually collect data to measure student growth.  It is not an assessment or test that students sit and take. Teachers collect work samples and observational notes using the state manual to monitor student growth towards mastery of the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  Learn more about GKIDS here.
Georgia Alternative Assessment (GAA 3-5)

Third, fourth and fifth grade special education students unable to take the Georgia Milestones are assessed using the Georgia Alternative Assessment.  The decision to participate in this alternative assessment is based on a child's Individual Education Plan.  To learn more about GAA visit The Georgia Department of Education Assessment pages.
Accessing Comprehension & Communication in English State to State (K-5)

ACCESS is a state required assessment given annual to students whose primary language is something other than English.  It measures  social and academic English mastery.  To learn more about the ACCESS assessment visit ACCESS for ELLs.